On our 10th Year Anniversary this year, Womensphere Summits and Festival will convene and bring together leaders, emerging leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, change-makers, thinkers, doers, creators, scientists, artists, educators - and great men and women alike - to be inspired, be empowered, take action, unite in community, celebrate progress, and honor the women and girls who are creating the future. 

At our Summits, we will discuss and action upon some of the most vital issues of our time:  How we unleash peoples’ potential and empower women and girls to create the future. How we achieve the Global Goals for Sustainable Development. How we enable equality and inclusion in driving the Fourth Industrial Revolution. How we accelerate gender equality and advance women in leadership, entrepreneurship, innovation. How we reshape media, culture, and institutions to create a more inclusive, more compassionate, more sustainable world. And more.

Join this year's Womensphere Summits and Festival, and connect with a powerful community of leaders, visionaries, creators, innovators, change-makers, and doers, who are reshaping the future of the world – across business, education, entrepreneurship, government, media, philanthropy, policy, social innovation, and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts/music/literature/design, mathematics).

The Womensphere Emerging Leaders Summit is a premier convening of emerging leaders across America, and brings together an inspiring community of change-makers, innovators, educators, and creators who are dedicated to unleashing their potential, and to creating positive impact in their workplace, communities, and society. A unique dialogue-driven and exchange-focused leadership event.  Everyone interested in serving on the Womensphere Emerging Leaders Advisory Council for New York & the Northeast should join this Summit.


The Womensphere Capital Summit will focus on enabling gender equality in access to money, capital, investment, and funding for innovation, entrepreneurship, and income; and advancing women’s leadership in finance, capital markets, and leadership in financial innovations and emerging trends in fintech. We will discuss resolving economic inequalities, and empowering women and all people with the strategies, insights, resources, and networks needed to create stronger financial futures. December 5-7, 2018; New York City. Join us at this Summit!

The Womensphere Emerging Leaders Summit 2018: CREATE THE FUTURE is the premier convening of emerging leaders, bringing together an inspiring community of change-makers, innovators, and leaders who are dedicated to unleashing their potential and creating a brighter future for America & the world. November 30 to December 1, 2018; New York. Join us at this Summit!