The Womensphere Emerging Leaders Global Summit will convene and empower institutional and corporate leaders, and the next generation of women leaders and innovators, to accelerate gender parity, to advance women in leadership and innovation, to envision solutions to humanity's greatest challenges, and to collaborate in creating the future.  

We invite the participation of women leaders and emerging innovators from companies, academic institutions and organizations; women currently enrolled in universities and colleges around the world, across all fields and disciplines; and emerging leaders currently working on the new Global Goals for Sustainable Development, to join this global convening, awards, and celebration.   This Summit is a global initiative of the Womensphere Foundation. 

At this Summit, we will honor Womensphere Global Awardees and recognize all Nominees and Participants of the following global awards and competitions:
> Womensphere Emerging Leader Global Awards  (Nominees)
> Womensphere Global Codefest  (Participants)
> Womensphere Global Artfest   (Participants)
> Womensphere Global Videofest   (Participants)

To effectively lead and thrive in today’s increasingly uncertain, complex, and hyper-connected world - and to play an active role in creating the future and transforming the world – companies, academic institutions, organizations, new ventures, and their leaders, must develop the vision, leadership, and innovative and entrepreneurial capacity to rise to what the world needs.

2016 March 3, 4, 5. New York City.      

Women must become an integral part of shaping the world, solving humanity's greatest challenges, and creating the future. The next generation of women leaders and innovators must be empowered and equipped to contribute as equal partners to global leadership, innovation, entrepreneurship, and the achievement of the new Global Goals.  

At this Summit, we are convening a global community of business and technology leaders, academic leaders, emerging leaders, innovators, educators, and entrepreneurs, to advance women's leadership and innovation, and to empower women to create the future in the context of three very important global trends shaping our societies. Towards these ends, the 6th Womensphere Emerging Leaders Global Summit will center discussion and solutions around these macro-themes:

Achieving Gender Parity

The World Economic Forum's 2015 Global Gender Gap Report projects that the world will not achieve economic gender parity for another 118 years.  Despite numerous interventions and a visible few outliers, the pace of change in advancing majority of women in leadership and innovation has been glacial in the past decade. At the Womensphere Summit, we will convene leaders and stakeholders across institutions, disciplines, generations, and societies, to discuss and determine how we accelerate this rate of change - how we meaningfully advance women in leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurship, and what initiatives and interventions work that we can learn from. We will discuss new models of leadership, and exchange best practices on how companies and workplaces, and how academic institutions and the investor community, are empowering women and accelerate gender parity across society.

The 4th Industrial Revolution

On January 2016 at Davos, the World Economic Forum will convene business leaders and government leaders on the theme of the 4th Industrial Revolution and the technology megatrends altering our world.  At Davos, central questions will include: how will the 4th Industrial Revolution "transform industry sectors, including health, mobility, financial services and education? How can technology be deployed in ways that contribute to inclusive growth rather than exacerbate unemployment and income inequality? How can breakthroughs in science and technology help in solving problems of the global commons, from climate change to public health?" At the Womensphere Summit, we will discuss these topics, and additionally discuss how to advance women as leaders and innovators of the 4th Industrial Revolution and technology megatrends sweeping society.

The Global Goals for Sustainable Development

On September 25, 2015, at the United Nations General Assembly, world leaders representing 193 nations agreed on working towards achieving 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development over the next 15 years, intended to tackle the greatest challenges we face all over the world: ending poverty, protecting the planet, and ensuring prosperity for all. Achieving all these goals requires democratizing innovation, and requires empowering the participation of women – half the world’s population – in solving and tackling these challenges. At the Summit, we will be launching the Womensphere Action Network for the Global Goals, empowering participants and members of the Womensphere community to actively participate in global initiatives and leading change to help achieve the Global Goals.

In addition to the above global contexts and trends, key themes that will be discussed at the Womensphere Summit include:

Technology Megatrends

What are the technology megatrends that are reshaping the world in the next decade? What are the implications for the kinds of leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurship the world needs? How do we empower the next generation of women to be equal partners in driving technological change and innovation? How do we prepare the emerging women leaders to drive innovation? What investments should be made by companies, academic institutions, and investors?

Global Challenges & Global Goals

This September at the United Nations General Assembly, world leaders agreed on working towards achieving 17 Sustainable Development Goals, or Global Goals, for the next 15 years. How do we empower the next generation of women to participate as leaders and innovators in tackling helping achieve the Global Goals?  How do we ensure that women are equal participants in the solutions process towards achieving the Global Goals?

New Models of Leadership & Innovation

Given technology megatrends, global goals, rapid industry changes, evolving demographics globally, and increasing competition and uncertainty in our hyper-connected world, what are the models for leadership and innovation that we should explore and develop, to rise to global challenges and opportunities, and to create the future? What are the implications for how we develop and advance women’s leadership and innovation?

Investing in Emerging Women Leaders

How do we invest in enabling and empowering Millennial women and the next generation of women leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs? What are successful investments and case studies coming from companies, the investment community, and academic institutions? At this Summit, we will also bring together the Finalists and Award Honorees for the Womensphere Emerging Leaders Global Awards across all fields - from companies, academic institutions, the public sector, and new ventures.

Advancing Women's Leadership & Innovation

How are companies and academic institutions preparing Millennial women to lead and innovate within the workplace and within academia? How do we develop entrepreneurial ecosystems to enable women to flourish as successful entrepreneurs? What are the institutional investments - and personal investments -  needed to advance the next generation of women as leaders and innovators – in companies, in academic institutions, and in entrepreneurship?

STEAM + Advancing Women in STEAM

At Womensphere, we believe that given today's global challenges and opportunities, the greatest potential for high-impact innovation occurs at the intersection of disciplines. We believe that novel approaches leveraging science, technology, engineering, arts/design, and mathematics (STEAM) hold keys to solving global grand challenges, and driving technological change. To advance women as contributors of high-impact innovation, how do we empower and advance women in STEAM? How can STEAM be leveraged for entrepreneurship, social innovation, and tackling the Global Goals for Sustainable Development?