The Womensphere Summit on Money, Capital, Investment, Funding will bring together CEOs, business leaders, investors, bankers, technology leaders, startup entrepreneurs, small business owners, economists, policy-makers, and working women, to empower women, leaders, and institutions to TAKE CHARGE on issues that impact women’s capital access, funding, income, and financial futures.


The reality in America today is that economic odds have been stacked against women, women of color (and people of color generally), with progress happening glacially. 

Capital & Funding:

As of 2015, women entrepreneurs run 30% percent of all small businesses, together employ 7.9 million people, and generating $1.4 trillion in sales. However, women entrepreneurs and small business owners generally have a harder time finding funding: loan approval rates for female entrepreneurs is 15-20% less than it is for men.

In 2016, women only received 2.19% of venture capital funding: Venture capitalists invested $58.2 billion in male-founded companies, while women received only $1.46 billion in VC money. And companies run by men got 16X more funding than companies run by women.

Money & Income:

In the United States, women earn less than men; the national female-to-male-earnings ratio was 82% in 2016  (US Census Bureau).  Women also earn less than men at all educational levels; the gender pay gap widens for persons with advanced degrees compared to people with high school education.  This all contributes to why around 50% of women believe that women have to work twice as much to get half as much. Gender pay gaps are pervasive across all states and across most industries, including greater pay gaps for women of color and people of color.

Investment & Net Worth:

Women lag men when it comes to investments and net worth. While on average, men and women have similar levels of debt and cash savings, men have nearly 200% the net worth of women. Many women also do not feel good about elements of their financial security: their net worth, savings/retirement savings, and investment portfolio. 

The system, the economic deck, the odds - all seem stacked against women.

So how do we empower women, leaders, and institutions, to take charge of these issues, and change these odds to strengthen women’s financial positions and futures? 

This question is at the heart of this Womensphere Summit.

At this Womensphere Summit, we address these issues heads on. We explore how we solve these issues through expanding innovative funding sources, increasing diverse and inclusive investors, new areas like impact investing and new corporate initiatives, progressive government policies, new technologies (such as cryptocurrency and blockchain), as well as insights from neuroscience, psychology, and behavioral economics. 

This Summit is about accelerating women getting equal access to money, capital, investment, and funding for innovation, entrepreneurship, and greater income. This is about addressing economic inequalities, empowering ownership of this issue, and arming participants with the strategies, insights, resources, and networks needed to create a stronger financial future.

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  • Expand your understanding of assets classes, investment strategies, and new developments like cryptocurrency and blockchain.

  • Understand how to access more capital, including all of the new capital sources.

  • Learn how to successfully fundraise and win over investments.

  • Gain insights on how to expand your sales and manage cash flow.

  • Learn how to negotiate for better pay and equal pay, and how to advocate for equal pay for others.

  • Build a stronger network of investors, business leaders, economists, and peers.


  • Learn about new developments in public policy, and understand what you can do.

  • Gain insights on new initiatives by companies and the private sector, and see what you can apply.

  • Learn and take part in innovative initiatives to close these gender gaps.


Understand the Big Picture & Your Picture

  • Understand the Landscape of Inequality in Pay & Access to Capital

  • Gain Insights into Current Trends in the Corporate Landscape, Entrepreneurial Landscape & Landscape for Funding Innovation & STEM

  • What Works & What Can be Done – How to Equalize Access to Capital, and Mitigate Bias & Systemic Inequality

  • What Works & What Can be Done – Insights from Government, Business, Academia

  • What Works & What Can be Done – Insights from Neuroscience, Psychology, Sociology, and Behavioral Economics

  • What Works & What Can be Done – Innovations in Funding: Crowdfunding, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies

  • Understand Your Picture - Your Psychology & Approach to Money, Capital & Investment

  • What Works & What You Can Do – Understand What Holds You Back & How to Unleash Yourself

Gain Practical Lessons & Insights for Your Daily Life

  • Draw Your Roadmap: Envisioning Your Financial Future & Mapping the Investments You Need

  • Seal The Deal: Winning Negotiation Strategies

  • Increase Your Odds: Planning & Executing for Successful Fundraising & Economic Independence

  • Know Your Worth: Effective Negotiation for Your Salary/Fees/Bonus/Investments

  • Learn Life Hacks: Proven Strategies for Growing Your Income/Savings/Investments

The Art & Science of Fundraising & Capital-Raising: Learn from the Experienced Experts

  • Strategies & Insights from Successful Entrepreneurs & Business Leaders

  • Strategies & Insights from Successful Innovators & Scientists

  • Strategies & Insights from Leading Brands & Marketing Agencies

  • Strategies & Insights from NGO Leaders & Social Innovator

The Art & Science of Fundraising & Capital-Raising: Learn from the Funders & Investors

  • Strategies & Insights from Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors & Impact Investors

  • Strategies & Insights from Banks & Lending Institutions

  • Strategies & Insights from Government Funders

  • Strategies & Insights from Foundations & Philanthropists

  • Strategies & Insights with New Technologies: Crowdfunding, Cryptocurrency & Blockchain



Early Registration Rates    |    Until July 31, 2018

VIP Registration (invitation to Speaker Reception)     $ 399. -

Corporate/Business/Professional/Entrepreneur:        $ 299. -

Academic/Educator/Government/NGO:                       $ 199. -

Student (Graduate/Undergraduate):                               $ 149. -

Regular Registration Rates   |   Until September 30, 2018

VIP Registration (invitation to Speaker Reception)   $ 499. -

Corporate/Business/Professional/Entrepreneur:        $ 399. -

Academic/Educator/Government/NGO:                       $ 299. -

Student (Graduate/Undergraduate):                               $ 249. -


Womensphere has selectively offered partial Scholarships to a number of  invited Participants based on existing community partnerships, past participation at and contribution to Womensphere programs and the Womensphere community, and demonstrated service and positive contribution to the community. 

There are currently no other Scholarships available from Womensphere beyond the Scholarships we have already extended.

We encourage invited/accepted Participants who need Scholarships for  registration, to approach your workplace, academic institution, or a sponsor/sponsors, to enable your registration for the Summit.

Womensphere allocates net proceeds from the Summit towards the Womensphere Foundation and its building of the Womensphere Incubator Network, which democratizes leadership development, entrepreneurship and innovation training, and sustainable development goals training, among women and girls around the world.