The Womensphere Emerging Leaders Global Summit will convene and empower institutional and corporate leaders, and the next generation of women leaders and innovators, to accelerate gender parity, to advance women in leadership and innovation, to envision solutions to humanity's greatest challenges, and to collaborate in creating the future.  

We invite the participation of leaders and emerging innovators from companies, academic institutions and organizations; women currently enrolled in universities and colleges around the world, across all fields and disciplines; and emerging leaders currently working on the new Global Goals for Sustainable Development, to join this global convening, awards, and celebration.   This Summit is a global initiative of the Womensphere Foundation. 


Over the next 10 years, deep shifts due to accelerating technological change will reshape the world and the workplace.

What are the implications of these technology megatrends for the kinds of leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurship the world needs?

How do we empower women to be equal partners in driving technological change and innovation? How do we prepare the next generation of women to lead in driving innovation?

What investments should be made by companies, academic institutions, and investors?

From the World Economic Forum and its September 2015 report on Technological Tipping Points:
“The world is about to experience an exponential rate of change through the rise of software and services… Digital connectivity permeates all aspects of daily life – from the way people act, to the economic landscape, political decision-making, and the skills needed to get a job. A greater reliance on networked resources makes people more interdependent, while many stakeholders are concerned about whether the industry can strike the right balance between privacy, security, and trust.”

“At the same time, increasing digitization is driving industries from product-based to service-based offerings. While these offerings are highly automated and standardized, they are also personalized through software. The seamless integration of the physical and digital worlds through networked sensors, actuators, embedded hardware and software, will change industrial models.”

The World Economic Forum projects that there 21 shifts representing six technology megatrends that will alter the world and how we work over the next 10-15 years. 

At Womensphere, we believe a seventh vital trend are the technological advances being made in life sciences and medicine, from tissue engineering to nanotechnology-driven medical diagnostics, to genomics and personalized medicine.

World Economic Forum Report (September 2015) - "Deep Shift: Technology Tipping Points and Societal Impact "

21 Technology Tipping Points - Software & Services
(Source: World Economic Forum)

  • Implantable Technologies
  • Digital Presence
  • Vision as Direct Interface
  • Wearable Internet
  • Ubiquitous Computing
  • Supercomputer in Your Pocket
  • Storage for All
  • The Internet of and for Things
  • The Connected Home
  • Smart Cities
  • Big Data for Decisions
  • Driverless Cars
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Decision-Making
  • AI and White Collar Jobs
  • Robotics & Services
  • Bitcoin & the Blockchain
  • Sharing Economy
  • Governments & the Blockchain
  • 3D Printing & Manufacturing
  • 3D Printing & Human Health
  • 3D Printing & Consumer Products