At the Womensphere Summer Festival 2018 #WomensphereFest: Join us in celebrating women's vision, achievement, and impact, and join us in collaborations and partnerships to promote #equality, #innovationforgood, #STEAMforgood, #mediaforgood, and the #GlobalGoals for sustainable development.

Join and connect with this powerful community of visionaries, changemakers, creators, entrepreneurs, artists, authors, and doers, who are creating the future – across business, education, entrepreneurship, government, media, philanthropy, policy, social innovation, and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts/music/literature/design, mathematics).


We invite you to join us at several Womensphere Summer Festival events and initiatives this month of August. We highlight two events where we still have open spaces:

Womensphere Summer Festival COCKTAILS & LAUNCH EVENT

August 8, Wednesday, 5:00-7:30PM, Manhattan’s East Village

Join us for a fun evening of cocktails, celebrating innovation, launching several exciting initiatives & connecting you with pioneering innovators in Silicon Alley!  

Learn how to make the best summer cocktails from the New York Bartending School, the leading mixology school in New York City! Hear the amazing story of inventing 56 cocktails for the world’s top Sci-Fi show, #TheExpanse. Enjoy 2.5 hours of Open Bar & delicious treats while connecting with inspiring innovators from Silicon Alley!

And join us in the summer launch of the Womensphere Innovation Leadership Lab, the Space Apps NYC and NASA Global Challenge for NYC, and the Womensphere Cocktail Invention Contest!  A collaboration with Space Apps NYC, the New York Bartending School, and Paine x MacTane.

More information on our website:

Limited tickets, available first come, first served. You can sign up here:

Womensphere Summer Emerging Leaders Summit 2018

September 21 -22, at 9:00AM-6:00PM each day, in  multiple venues across Manhattan


We invite emerging leaders to join us in our summer convening for #leadership development, #innovation, #STEAMforgood, #mediaforgood, and collaborations for leadership advancement, equality, and the #GlobalGoals for Sustainable Development.

Join us, connect with, and be part of this powerful community of visionaries, changemakers, creators, and doers, who are reshaping the future of America.

More information on our website:

You can sign up here for one day, or all days, of the Summit:

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During the Womensphere Festival (and beyond), join us in celebrating great initiatives, programs, and organizations that support women, girls, #equality, #innovationforgood, #STEAMforgood, #mediaforgood, and the #GlobalGoals for sustainable development.


Here are a number of great non-profit organizations that we invite you to support and champion.


We invite you to join us in supporting these great restaurants owned by women and/or helmed by great female chefs.  We are spreading privately hosted lunches, brunches, and dinners across these restaurants throughout August, and we encourage you to support these restaurants with your patronage!

We start with New York City this August, and we want to hear from you of the great restaurants in YOUR CITY for future Womensphere Festivals!

We still have spaces at some of the Womensphere Festival events (listed below):


At this year’s Womensphere Summer Festival, we hope that all who join us will enjoy these benefits:

Develop Your Leadership & Learn from & Be Inspired by Great Leaders, Entrepreneurs & Innovators.

Meet and connect with diverse leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators at the Womensphere Festival.

Enrich & Grow Your Network Meaningfully.

Because you ultimately reflect the networks that you belong to – we invite you to build a great network! Connect with like-minded leaders and kindred spirits through diverse  Womensphere Festival events, whether sessions on business, music, poetry, film, the arts, leadership, or entrepreneurship. Have great conversations at privately hosted lunches and dinners at restaurants helmed by New York City’s finest women restaurateurs and chefs. Enjoy talks over drinks (both virgin and alcoholic) at the Womensphere Summer Festival Cocktails! Explore and be part of great organizations and initiatives!

Be Inspired & Enrich Your Creativity with Innovations and Impactful Work.

Explore and be exposed to innovative and transformational work being led and undertaken by great women across business, media, entrepreneurship, social innovation, and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts & design, mathematics).

Enjoy & Immerse Yourself in the Arts, Music, Literature, Media, Film & Culture.

Explore the creations and connect with both up-and-coming and award-winning female artists, musicians, writers, filmmakers, media creators, and cultural influencers.